CMO Labs


Introducing CMO Labs. A Cross Media Dashboard and Attribution Analysis is designed specifically for the Director, VP and C-Level marketing pro.

We provide a holistic view of your offline and online media, marketing automation, CRM, web analytics and social data. Providing you with insights into your TV, Print, Out of Home, Display and Paid Search advertising programs on a global and local basis and show how they are driving ROI.

No matter what the KPIs, no matter the processes required to access those KPIs we combine:

  1. Blend of technology and human-powered automation. What can be automated will be automated. All other data extraction and input else will be managed on data analytics teams.
  2. Affordability. Costs include an upfront design and build phase, following by an ongoing monthly management and hosting phase. These costs are variable depending on levels of initial customization and manual vs. automated data export and import.
  3. Clean, beautiful, intelligent design. Those are not engineering-centric interfaces.

Our dashboards are built as Ruby on Rails applications leveraging platforms and hosted on Heroku, with API plumbing provided by Keen.IO.

Please visit us at CMO Labs